I write, edit, develop and test recipes and do food styling/food photography as well as photos for my travel stories. I also write about the business of food, restaurants and the food industry as a whole.

I was food editor for Florida Table magazine (www.floridatable.com), a regional food magazine for southeast Florida that was published by JES Publishing, but folded when the economy took its first hit in Florida. While there, I could claim my perfect job: I got to think about, read about, play with and eat food for every aspect of the job.

While in Florida, I also spent a year as “Dining Expert” at VISITFLORIDA.com, where you can read my blog, check out articles and see me having a blast checking out Florida Food Finds on my videos…www.VisitFlorida.com/experts/dining

A move shortly after Florida Table folded took me to Charlotte, NC, where the food scene is wonderful, especially the farm to table movement. I met Cassie Parsons and Natalie Veres of Grateful Growers, two women raising heritage hogs just outside Charlotte; I met backyard beekeepers and went to a field day of ‘bee school’ where I got to check out bees almost eye-to-eye. I met the people who run River Taw Farms, where they are raising grass-fed beef. I learned to tango in Charlotte, too, although that has not much to do with my food writing–just something fun about me.

I continue to develop my freelance connections, writing about food, wine and travel.

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International Association of Culinary Professionals

American Society of Journalists and Authors

Les Dames d’Escoffier (2007-2009)


“Thanks for all your hard and speedy work!”

“Ms. Freda complements her print and online contributions to Florida Table with maximum use of social media, including facebook and twitter, and is always investigating new ways to drive users to our website. Her approach to the magazine has always been from a multimedia perspective, and she is always honing new skills, from photography and video to web site development.”
Marie Speed, Group Editor, JES Publishing

“What a fantastic surprise to see the magazine and article that you wrote about my company. I never imagined that it would turn out so wonderful…I want to thank you so very much for the beautiful writing and photos that and your photographer created for the article.”  Zoe Moghaddam, House of Caviar


barb at barbfreda dot com